Together We Will Change Patient Engagement

iHealthAssist™ powered by PRSONAS™ is a scalable interactive digital workforce that allows you to provide superior patient engagement without increasing staffing requirements.

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A Few Ways iHealthAssist Improves the Patient Experience


ASL Technology

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We Offer the Following Solutions

AI Avatar Concierge

Enhance the patient experience with our innovative self-service solution, offering seamless navigation and real-time information to both patients and visitors in hospital and healthcare facilities.

Clinical Trial Consent

iHealthAssist™ partners with your research team to increase consent within your clinical trial. We understand results matter and to get the desired results you need the participants to successfully enroll. 

Clinical Trial Recruitment

iHealthAssist™ helps research teams have

  • Faster recruitment rates
  • Repeatable and less time-consuming
  • Helps reduce delays
  • Reach their target demographic and relevant participants
  • Entice and educate participants
  • Successfully recruit volunteers

See how we successfully recruited 167 participants in 6 months for Desert Research Institute.

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