AI Avatar Concierge

Wayfinding and Information Solution for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

The premier self-service solution that humanizes the patient experience with personalized and inclusive conversational technology making facility navigation effortless and accessible for everyone. 

What Happens When Your Patient Walks Up?

iHA Walk-through_1
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iHealthAssist™ greets in almost any language
Patients verbally ask for directions or information
iHealthAssist™ shows requested information onscreen
Maps and information may be sent to patient's mobile device

Some of the Features

We prioritize inclusivity, catering to the diverse needs of the community ensuring everyone feels welcome and represented. Patients and visitors can access information independently, reducing staff involvement. This enables them to focus on core responsibilities, which improves productivity. 
Multilingual Icons_Allports_blue_400x400
Multi-lingual communication
Multicultural Icon_Allports_blue_400x400
Diverse character options
24_7 availability
Available 24/7/365
Communicate in sign language
Natural Expressions & Gestures
improve brand icon2-1
Branded Appearance

Just a Few Benefits

Optimize Resource Allocation and Enhance Patient Experience with Our Scalable AI Hospital Avatars

Staff Requirements Icon_white_400x400
Improve Resource Allocations
Scalable Icon_white_400x400
Infinite Scalability
Effortless Navigation_White 400x400
Effortless Navigation
Reduce Costs_white_400x400
Lower Operating Costs
Improved Patient experience_White_400x400
Enhance Patient Experience
Data Capture icon_white_400x400
Accurate Data Capture
85 percent gray blue icon_Gray_800x800


Of patients ask for directions when they go to a hospital

Deloitte Digital

Lost money Icon_Allports_blue_800x800


Missed appointments equal $150-$200 in lost revenue

Healthcare Finance

Digital Avatar icon_Gray_800x800


260% increase in [patient] engagement when using a digital avatar

International Journal of Electronic Commerce Studies

Late Icon_Allports_blue_800x800


Late arrivals for appointments in hospitals can be as high as 31%

National Library of Medicine

67 percent gray blue icon_Gray_800x800


Of patients think it's extremely important to be able to easily find their way around a healthcare facility

The Beryl Institute

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