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PRSONAS™ & Princess Alexandra Hospital Revolutionize Wayfinding Experience in the NHS with AI Avatars

PRSONAS & Princess Alexandra Hospital partner

PRSONAS, a global leader in interactive artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, is collaborating with Princess Alexandra Hospital of the National Health Service (NHS) to introduce iHealthAssist™ Experiential Wayfinding. This innovative partnership revolutionizes patient navigation by utilizing lifelike AI avatars to streamline the wayfinding process, enhance the patient experience, and optimize resource utilization. With personalized guidance and real-time directions, patients can easily navigate healthcare facilities, minimizing delays and frustrations.

This solution will revolutionize how patients navigate the hospital, improving their experience and ultimately contributing to better healthcare outcomes. ~ Chuck Rinker, CEO of PRSONAS

This groundbreaking collaboration is the first-ever offering of its kind for the United Kingdom National Health Service. It, highlights the power of AI technology in transforming the approach to patient navigation within the NHS healthcare system.

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